Blind Tasting Sleeve®, the blackout sock that perfectly shapes your bottles during your blind tastings!

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  • Nadia

    Wine lover (young and old), these socks are perfect for shaking up your preconceptions... A must try !


    We use these socks for tasting with our customers who are won over by the product! Brings a playful effect to the moment with a great touch of elegance !

  • Brunelle

    The Blind Tasting Sleeve is super professional. I use it almost every lunch with friends... This way we discover wines that we would not have suspected. Big congratulations for the quality !

  • Jean Louis

    Aesthetic, easy to use, adaptable to bottles of all shapes, recommended for parties with friends sharing the pleasure of discovering wine. Even better for professional blind tastings. Reusable and washable more than 50 times !

  • Corinne

    Not only are these tasting socks extremely beautiful and classy, but each time I organize blind tasting evenings it is always a success, they have a terrible always Manacrea is avant-garde !!!

  • Claire

    A great, very useful and stylish object!!! Perfect for tasting fans, but also for those who like beautiful, friendly tables to decorate with unusual objects !!!

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